10 Violent Games Kids Should Avoid

Violent games mostly get successful with gamers, however, if you have kids at home and are concerned about their mental growth then you have to be mindful of the games your kid is playing. Violent games tend to lure younger ones a lot, thus proving to be a constant source of frustration for all parents.

I have propounded a list to equip you with ample knowledge about 10 violent video games that are to be avoided, since it’s prolong exposure tends to develop aggressive and hostile behavioral patterns among younger ones.

God of War II

Based on an epic quest of a mortal warrior to dethrone a God, this game features devastating war in a way that gamers have the liberty to undertake any of their desired acts of violence; be it mercilessly ripping out Cyclops’ eye, beheading Medusa by twisting its head or slicing off their enemies by wrapping chains around them. Such a game compels gamers to seek new methods of violence. A mini sex scene is also a part of the game play.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 has been rightly labeled as a blood curdling adventure that takes gamers into a horrifying world of aliens, teeming with plethora of destructive weapons used massively on the path to survival and combating enemies.Entire game is based on violence and bloodshed, offering nothing else to a young mind.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 might be a master piece for those who are mature enough to indulge into violence for almost 20 hours of game play, but for growing kids, this game offers mere bombing, shooting and stabbing of hundreds of human-look-alike monsters while chanting curses and sexual dialogues as they move ahead. Its high ranking endorses the violence and horror, the game contains.

Gears of War 2

A third person adventure, Gears of War 2 gives gamers enough satisfaction in the realms of violence where chopping off a foe with the help of a chainsaw extending upwards from the groin is not enough rather much more gruesome action awaits them. Usage of corpse as a shield and spilling blood all over with a barrage of bullets are the hallmarks of this game.

Mortal Combat: Deception

The main purpose of Mortal Combat: Deception is nothing more than ‘kill or killed’, leaving the game as horrifying as one would desire. Mortal Combat series is known for its violent games and mere name of this series is enough to keep you at bay. Deception takes violence killing spree to new heights featuring enhanced multiplayer functionality coupled with advance graphics.


Time and again history repeats itself by introducing controversial games, Manhunt serves this purpose aptly. Right after its release, the makers of Manhunt had to pacify furious critics, angry parents and censorship laws owing to the exorbitant and immoral violence induction in the game play. Featuring sadist form of entertainment, players wander around the 3-D environment committing heinous crimes, disposing opponents in a meat grind etc.

Saints Row 2

Parents should be very clear about the fact that Saints Row 2 is in no way a game to be consumed by kids. Not only does this game stages intense violence, but is also stuffed with excessive profanity and sexuality along with alcohol and drug use. It is an entertainer for adults having taste for dark gangster themed game, with players taking pleasure in criminal activities.

Dead Rising 2

A third person adventure, released five years after the original Dead Rising, this zombie splatter flick features ultra violence as well as chainsaw dismemberment, plethora of shotgun deadly and horrifying blasts to combat the undead. Other possible concern is the inclusion of nude images, unethical language and abilities such as carrying costume wines, making it in-appropriate for younger ones.

Medal of Honor

As this game is based on an on-going war, therefore this reality infested violent game is not suitable for younger ones. Hyper realistic graphics featuring scenes from contemporary war zones of Afghanistan effect children immensely, not to forget the rampant profanity, grinding of soldier bodies and scores of bloody scenes. Although all violent games should be avoided, but a real life game enables the gamers to experience bloodshed in the same manner as that of a battlefield. Young brains are not mature enough to digest the bloodbath.

Mafia II

Inspired by criminal dramas and literature, Mafia II is difficult for kids to comprehend and play. Designed in a complicated manner, this game revolves around the dirty world of dangerous gangsters, giving gamers a detailed view of the mob world teeming with drugs, alcohol and mistreatment of women. Mafia II might attract parents more than their kids and is apt for mature kids above 18 years of age.

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