12 Great Breakfast Ideas

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Breakfast is a must to have thing in the morning. The perfect nutritional breakfast provides you with energy for the whole day. Though it should be advised to treat breakfast as utmost important meal of the day, but in reality we handle it with minimum importance & like to finish it with some cereal or orange juice or just a toast, sometimes we even go crazy and skip it. Don’t nurture a misconception that skipping breakfast can help you in losing weight, nonetheless it helps your body to begin metabolism & also initiate the process of burning those calories. What we need to focus is that your heavy breakfast should not overwhelm you with calories.

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So try the following ideas for breakfast & enjoy some great beginning of your day. These preparations carry not more than 250 calories approx.

Peachy Pittah

This is a great idea for breakfast. Take a pitta pocket (small sized, whole wheat would be the best option). Now use a low sugar bread spread (2 tsp jelly), soft cheese (low-fat, 25 gm) & then use the fresh peach slices to fill it.

Brekkie Smoothie

having a smoothie in your breakfast is also a very filling idea. Arrange for some silken tofu (25 gm) along with apricots (2), skimmed milk (8 fl oz) with a single peach & mango (1/2). Use your food processor to mix all these ingredients together & your tasty & healthy smoothie is ready.

Couldn’t Give a Fig

To have this tasty yummy breakfast you need to arrange some easy to get ingredients. Take 3 figs & slice them. Now with the help of a spoon, place low-fat crème fraiche on top of every slice. Scatter pumpkin or sunflower seeds on it (1-2 tbsp) & your yummy breakfast is ready, which is not only tasty but serves you a very low amount of calories.

Nice Rice

Now it’s time for an easy to make breakfast. Have three rice cakes & use peanut butter (1/2 tsp each) as a spread on top of every rice cake. Use a freshly sliced crisp apple as a topping after dividing the rice cakes.

Ooh La La Toast

Make a batter with a bit of skimmed milk & an egg. Beat the mixture well & sprinkle some salt & pepper as per taste. Now dip the bread slice into that mixture & fry them well in a frying pan. You can use the cooking spray to avoid the oil. With some fresh berries or some tomato slices you can serve it hot on your breakfast table.

Rye-t On

Take four rye crackers & then cut off some ricotta cheese (2 oz) to place in between those crackers. Now use the low sugar jelly (1/2 tsp) as a spread on each of the crackers. You can serve it with a few slices of mango or pineapple.

Footloose and Fancy Frais

Now it’s time for some easy to make but delicious preparation. Firstly mince almonds (a handful) along with some (5 approx) dried apricots (ready to eat). Directly mix fromage frais (4 oz) with it.

Not So Mighty Meaty

Mixing together a handful of walnuts along with processed cheese (2 slices) , apple (1 sliced) & lean ham (2 slices) can give you some great taste. If you want you can mix some vegetables with it to enhance the taste.

Tropical Temptation

Create a platter with kiwi fruit (2, peel well), mango (1/2), banana (1) & place a dollop of cottage cheese (50 gm approx) in the middle. This whole platter seems like a breakfast treat.

Smokey Scramble

Everybody loves to have egg in their breakfast menu. Prepare a scrambled egg with the help of a single egg & mix smoked salmon (almost 40 gm minced) into it. Prepare a granary toast with some low fat spread & serve the mixture on top of it.

Not Mushroom for Anything Else

Take a frying pan & heat almost 2 tbsp of avocado oil on medium temperature. Pour small sized red onion (1/2) along with lime juice (2 tsp) & button mushroom (4 oz). Let it fry well till you get the tender texture. Throw in ricotta cheese (1 ½ tbsp) & light soy sauce (2 tsp) into that mixture. Arrange 2 whole-wheat breads & toast them well. Now place the ricotta cheese mixture in between the slices & serve them.

Bagel Break

Bagel is quite a common option for breakfast. However we are trying to make it in bit of a different way. Make your grilling machine ready & grill tomato (chopped thickly) & lean bacon (2 slices) there. Now put the grilled stuff over the grilled bagel (half).

Where there are so many outstanding breakfast ideas then you should enjoy it. Some of it needs some effort & some are really very easy to prepare. When time is a big matter then you should try some cereal with a handful of nuts or some fruit juice or fruit slices as your breakfast. Instead of skipping them, try to make them interesting & you will definitely get some good result.


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