5 Commonly Seen Skin Issues In Babies

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Taking care of your baby is world’s best job. Nevertheless, the job needs a little bit more attention and concern when your baby develops certain skin issues. If you are a new mother, you would certainly get upset with the skin conditions of your baby. In most of the cases, you are required to stay calm. For that matter, you must know the common skin issues in babies:

1. Acne

It is one of the most troubling infant ailments amongst all. However, there is a point of relieve that it is not harmful, and hence do not call for any medical treatment. Seeing an infant’s face full of zits may appear creepy to new mothers, but they must stay calm. Infant acne affects around 40% infants post birth at the age of 2-3 weeks. The basic cause of infant acne is the presence and activity of maternal hormones in the infant’s body. One important don’t is not to touch or squeeze the zits, and let them disappear; they go away before the baby is six months old.

2. Intertrigo

Fat and healthy babies are likely to get intertrigo. It is a normal skin rash, which appears in a baby’s skin folds. The common occurrence area is neck fold. Most of the times, it is a painless skin rash, but in severe conditions, it is painful and irritating for the baby. The main reason of its occurrence is the lack of proper cleaning of skin folds. Baby drools enter skin folds, and after being left unattended, the damp skin develops rashes.

3. Cradle Cap

It is another ailment caused due to the mother’s hormones. The sebaceous gland become hyperactive in some infant’s scalp skin, and forms reddish zits. They are red bumps, with yellow flaky appearance, which are sometimes generated in and around nappy areas. The ailment is named due to its most common area of occurrence: the head. The best way is to keep the baby’s scalp clean by massaging a little oil on it and then shampooing.

4. Skin Dryness

Dry skin calls for proper hydration and moisturizing of infant skin. Apply a good body lotion on the infant’s skin and keep it clean too. Add more fluid to your baby’s food intake schedules, so that the skin gets its required hydration from within. Avoid using soap on the infant’s skin; instead buy some good sensitive skin body wash liquids. Do not rub your baby with a towel to dry the skin. Pat dry the skin, so that no rashes are developed.

5. Nappy Rash

Leaving the baby’s nappy unattended for long hours is a viable reason to let a nappy rash generate. It is a terrible sight and a painful experience for the baby as well. Nappies are homes to germs as soon as the baby urinates or passes stool in them. It is necessary to keep the baby clean, dry, and airy as well. In the absence of these three, nappy rash are sure to occur. Let your baby skin enjoy; give 10 minutes’ gap to put on a new diaper. Keep washing your baby’s skin with a mild soap on each nappy change especially when a rash has appeared, and apply zinc containing nappy rash cream.

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