5 Tips for Teaching Toddlers to Learn

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Every child has his own grasping power, few kids start to learn and pick things very quickly but some of them takes time. Now, questions is what to do? It is very simple, you can do your best by trying few simple steps to teach your toddler from your daily life and routine.

1.   Sing songs, nursery rhymes, alphabet poems or counting numbers, toddlers frequently try to trail you and your words. You can also play music and rhymes on mp 4 players or iPod, audio have its own impact.

2.   Keep eye contact and speak loud when you pick things like apple, basket, glass, etc., this will enhance their learning ability.

3.   Visual things are easier to pick; watch educational videos on TV or YouTube with your kids.

4.   Use Abacus to count numbers, for toddlers it can be both a toy and learning idea.

5.   Read story books with large colorful pictures on it, you child will love to watch those and learn quickly.

Nyshi is from Indian origin, she is a blogger, writer; writing articles on parenting and relationships is her passion and forte. At present, she is writing for KidsConsultant.com, her article will help us to understand Indian parenting system, as her perspective of writing is from Indian Point of View.
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