5 Ways to Make Kids More Responsible & Understanding

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It’s not that tough, simply handle kids with love and logic; and you can convince them to participate in work at home. You need some simple ways to deal and make your child to understand that why he/she needs to help you in your regular routine of household.

  1. You must tell your kids that they are important members of the family, and like others they should accomplish their responsibilities or share work, it’s their duty too, to share work within the family.
  2. Sometimes kids hesitate to work and tag the work as, “This is not my work, and maid can do this.” Simply stop them thinking any work as big or small, or not of ‘My Type’. Tell them that doing small work is not going to make them smaller. Make sure they don’t think small tasks around the house are only for domestic helpers.
  3. Make a duty chart; assign some work to them for which they are accountable for in the house. It could be a very easier task such as filling water in the bottle or to water plants.
  4. Trust plays an important role in any relationship, do keep trust in your child and show your full confidence in them. Never say, “You are not capable to do this work.” Instead, if you show trust in their capability, they will be more responsible.
  5. In case, if they do some mistakes, such as breaking a flower vase, or crockery; simply control your nerves and don’t shout on kids. Ask them, to be careful and make sure they should accept their mistake, being parent it is a must to do – to teach your children to admit their mistakes.


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