Enhancing the Kids Dietary Charts With Nutrient Rich Foods

Kids need to consume healthy foods rich in nutrients during their growing up years. These will help them to grow up as healthy individuals. There are a wide ranging variety of foods termed as superfoods packs quite a punch vis-à-vis nutrients and health benefits. According to experts, parents should consider introducing most of these foods in their kids instead of just a few of those. That will in turn introduce the children to great food habits that they will carry on throughout their entire life and grow up and remain as healthy individuals.



  1. Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants play an important role in slowing the body’s pace of releasing chemicals that damage the cells of the body.  Other ingredients in blueberries play significant roles in memory enhancement, lowering cholesterol. They also have the ability to fight certain forms of cancers. In any form frozen or fresh these little gems pack quiet a punch.

According to Missy Chase Laplie famous author of the book The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Food in Kids’ Favourite Meals”, she would make a puree of blueberries and spinach and add them to burgers, tacos, pancakes, brownies, cookies. These way picky eaters will consume blueberries without actually knowing that they are doing so.


  1. Avocado

Monosaturated fats present in Avocados enable lowering of LDL cholesterol which is marked as harmful for the heart. It is also an excellent source of fibre that helps in getting rid of constipation. Avocados are packed with Vitamin E and they play a pretty important role in preventing cancer. A nice way of having kids eat Avocados is by mashing Avocados and mixing lime juice and yogurt in that mash and using this a form of dip for raw vegetables and on tacos , quesadillas etc.


  1. Oats

Oats play a really important role in controlling blood sugar levels. It helps in preventing sudden rises and falls in the blood sugar levels It makes people feel full for longer periods of time and also help in controlling bad cholesterol.

However most of the times it is difficult to convince kids to have Oats. According to Chase Lapine Oats should be served for breakfast. According to her the old rolled variety is the best as they are a better source of energy and fibre than the quick cooking variety and should be cooked in milk and  topped with blueberries.


  1. Salmon

The biggest health factor of Salmon is the presence of Omega 3 which plays a very significant role in preventing heart ailments and also helps in preventing memory loss and mood swings. Wild Salmons helps in reducing children’s exposure to harmful substances like mercury and PCB.

Fish fingers are an instant hit with children and equal favourites for adults too. The best way to cook up these fabulous treat is as follows:

First step is cutting about 1 pound of Wild Salmon filets into thin strips. The next step will be dipping them in an egg wash made with egg whites. This should be followed by coating them in a mixture of bread crumbs, cornmeal, grated Parmesan, salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic and onion powder followed by cooking them in a lightly oiled pan over medium heat.


  1. Sweet Potatoes


This wonderful vegetable is a rich source of potassium, calcium, iron and Vitamins B, C and E. In addition to that they are also rich in fibre and carbohydrates. They enable proper digestion. They also have the ability in controlling fluctuation of blood sugar levels.

According to Chase Lapine , they have a mild sweetness in them that can cut down the acidic taste that tomatoes bring in and hence they can be used in pasta sauces thereby making them more palatable for kids.


  1. Yogurt

Yogurts pack in them protein, calcium and thereby play a significant role in building bones, teeth. They have the ability to fight bad bacteria and hence help in digestion. Once of easiest ways of avoiding added sugar in yogurts is to buy plain low fat yogurt and adding fresh fruits in it. The kids will jump up and down for having this desert.


  1. Spinach


Iron , folic acid , Vitamin A and C , iron are some of the greatest ingredients that comes with


These ingredients play important roles in the growth of brains and bones. Adding them in soups, tomato sauces and quesadillas can do wonders.

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