Guiding your children through digital media

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internet search lessonIn this 21st century you are bound to raise your kids in an environment integrated with internet usage. You need to be efficient as well as active parents of an adolescent child.  In this modern day tablets, smartphones are everywhere. In fact your kids are also quite familiar with these gadgets from an early age. However, this high tech  world is also quite famous for its other nasty sides too.

As a parent, you need to play the role of your kids internet mentor or guide. You need to be aware about what is really going on in your kid’s life. Your proper guidance can prevent them from facing any sort of untoward incidents.

Some good outcome or lessons, that your children can get through the internet are,

Source of Lessons:

Through internet , you can find several interesting pictures, which your kids might love. Sometimes you can get some interesting videos too, some of them could be interactive. However, before sitting down with your children as a teacher, you need to do some background work as well. It will help you to explore the teaching process.

Window to a New World:

For improving your kid’s knowledge about letters, along with a clear realization of sounds & language development, several programs are available on the internet. You an introduce an e book to your children, which contains various interesting as well as engaging options, it will help in enhancing your kid’s word development.

Following are some tips which will help you to protect your kid, from the nasty side effects of  internet:

Cyber-World Behavior:

To know social networking sites or various other aspects, you need step into this world. Just the way you are aware about every aspect of their school or playing club, use the same process for their internet habit also. Though it’s not possible to know about each and every movement, keep your eye always open & make frequent visit into their computer room.

 Privacy is Paramount:

You need to make them understand about the real consequences of disclosing their personal data online. Don’t share their phone number or name or email id, postal address, picture, school or password etc. without your consent. Tell them not to respond to disturbing messages ,never ever meet a person  you became acquainted with through the internet, etc.

 Computer Should be in a Central Place:

Don’t allow your kid to get a computer in their room. Place it in the central space, where you can easily monitor it & keep an eye on its usage.

 Maintain a Proper Schedule:

You need to prepare a clear routine of their permitted time for internet use. Make it very clear to them, what would be consequences to break this routine. If you have more than one kid then allow them to use internet alternatively. Prepare a list of some non harmful sites, which they can visit without their parent’s permission, however, for any other site they need to ask their parents first before opening that site.

A report published by Public Health England revealed that those kids who are spending excessive time  playing video games or on computers or watching TV, are more prone to face considerably high levels of depression, anxiety etc. However your sensible guidance can make this technology more helpful for your children.

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