Homework makes a Child Self-Disciplined and Self-Learner! Agree or Disagree!

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“One of life’s most painful moments comes when we must admit that we didn’t do our homework, that we are not prepared.” – Merlin Olsen

Homework imprints like a burden to both parents and children but fact is no they are not; homework helps your child to become independent, focussed, and self-learner.

Is homework a burden? The answer is No…… Why? Here are the Reasons:

1.  ‘Practice Makes a Man Perfect’, this famous proverb is self-explanatory, and homework is a practice session given by the school to your kids. For e.g. Learning multiplication tables without regular practice is impossible.

2.  At-Home Projects helps a child to increase ability to do research work, to consult various books, online researches to end with an expressive project assignment after a countless brainstorming.

3.  Homework enhances sense of responsibility in a child, he knows one thing very well, that his ignorance would shed a bad impression in his school before his teacher, if he went with incomplete homework.

 4.  When there is no homework, child’s main attention is towards, spending all his leisure in playing games on Computers, PSP, Nintendo, Or to watch TV, or spending time with friends. At least, one benefit is there, homework drags them towards study and a routine, apart from fun activities and playing games.

 5.  Last but not the least, homework will end with ‘N’ number of changes in your kid – your child will understand the value of time, discipline, focus, responsibility, exams and all these will lead him to be a self-dependent person.

Point to remember is that when it comes to homework, we should never let our children deflate or dishearten, rather doing that if we tell them the outcome of practicing homework with sincerity and enthusiasm, we can certainly convince them. Enjoy with your child with his homework! :)

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