How to Entertain your Toddler – Top 10 Android Apps for Kids

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Parenting can be hard at times, but fortunately we have smartphones to help us out. So, here’s my compilation of the “Top 10 Apps for Kids”. This is sure to help you with teaching and entertaining the young ones:

1. HomeWork:

Developed by “”, the app is targeted more toward older kids. The app, as the name suggests, is aimed at helping kids manage homework and assignments. It allows making timetables and defining study course to stay organized. It is essential to a go getter!


Google Play Link: Homework

2. Sandbox-Kid lock and family Apps:

It is one of the most useful apps available out there on Google Play. The app basically acts as a platform to launch and play games from within it, without letting the kids exit the sandbox. This is an excellent app if you want to entertain your young ones by letting them play games on your android phone, while making sure they don’t meddle with your things. Sandbox allows parents to add a lock before exiting. It also permits content filtering, which can be adjusted in the settings. A necessary app for any parent!


Google Play Link: Sandbox-Kid lock and Family Apps

3. iStoryBooks:

Want your child to develop an interest in reading and writing? No better app can help you out other than iStoryBooks. This android app is a wondrous way to read storybooks; it is interactive for the kids and makes things better by showing relevant artwork. It features classical stories, such as, Cinderella and Snow White. More premium content can be accessed through monthly subscriptions.


Google Play Link: iStoryBooks

4. PlayTales Gold:

Another commendable reading app, featuring a vibrant display and user interface. The application allows kids to read independently through features like Read to me, Read it myself, or Autoplay. Perhaps, the best thing about PlayTales Gold is that it does not charge for downloading new books, and is free as an app, as well! It offers stories in languages besides English and is more far reaching than other apps.


Google Play Link: PlayTales Gold

5. Creativity Zoo for Kids:

Let your kids free and let their ideas burst with this highly innovative android app. The app requires kids to choose head, body, legs and feet to create a pet. The kids may tackle it as a puzzle or just let their creativity lead them. It is certainly one of kind with funky graphics and a colorful theme. A great way to entertain young kids!


Google Play Link: Creativity Zoo for Kids

6. Three Little Pigs:

Remember the classical story of the Three Little Pigs from childhood? Well, it has been translated into an ingenious app. Let your kids indulge in the everlasting story, now in a more fun way! This app, unlike others, does not feature an interactive environment. Rather, it takes a simplistic approach only adding amazing illustrations and optional voice narration to the story. The developer has a number of famous stories as similar apps; feel free to check them out here.


Google Play Link: Three Little Pigs

7. Kids Math:

Make your toddlers develop an interest for math by downloading “Kids Math” by “Mobiloids”. The app is an instructional game aimed at teaching and improving mathematics skills in kids. It does this by smartly improvising mathematics into games, adding an element of fun. This is definite to get the kids’ attention towards the subject without any chances of resentment!


Google Play Link: Kids Math

8. Best Kids Songs:

A musical app for the little ones so that they can sing along to their favorite songs! The application contains various songs that kids can listen to and sing along; it also has HD videos to go with every song. In addition, it features on-screen lyrics to help the kids out. It has a cute and child-friendly interface. The only thing that could make it better is an addition in the number of songs, as it is highly demanded by users.


Google Play Link: Best Kids Songs

9. Kids Video Hub:

Keep your kids entertained and filter the content they watch by using this magnificent app on your android phone. It is a portable TV for kids, from the comfort of your phone. Choose from a long list of programs like Baby Einsteins and Tom & Jerry and let the young ones have hours of entertainment. You’ll never fail to keep them happy! A must have!


Google Play Link: Kids Video Hub

10. Coloring Pages for kids:

A simple yet useful app, bringing stereotypical coloring for kids to electronic media. The app features over 200 different drawings for kids to paint and color. Fueling the kids’ imagination is merely one of the advantages of the app, with more beneficial traits like increasing creativity, learning color combinations and brain development.


Google Play Link: Coloring Pages for kids

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