How To Get A Smarter Kid

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Each & every parent likes to have a smarter kid. Sometimes smart kids bring the essence of joy to the family. Their intelligence understandably has a genetic attachment; scientific studies have also started to show that some specific approaches also help your kid’s development quite well. You need to create the processor ambiance for your kids to grow smart.

Brain Exercising Games

Try to keep your kids engaged in some kind of brain games, like something that needs complex decision making power or solving some obstacles or strategically thinking etc. (Crosswords, Sudoku, chess etc.). Allowing them to play such games would help their mental development quite well.

Taking Music lessons

Various studies have revealed that taking music lessons makes smarter kids. Usually kids who are learning music perform quite well in several standardized tests. A research has revealed that getting piano classes helps your kids to increase their IQ level noticeably.

Allow Them to Play Video Games

Though there are some video games, which are quite violent, however if you put some effort you can also find some video games, which can boost up your kids thinking or planning power or even sometimes their creativity too. According to a study conducted by the University of Rochester, kids who play video games can identify & learn the visual cues quite faster than other kids (who are not playing video games).

Limit Television Watching Time

Make sure you are not putting your kids in-front of the television just because you can get some time for your own, because latter it can develop some bad impacts on your kid. Overdoing stuff is never appreciated. So try to limit their access to television, especially when there is no such usefulness for them.

Mother’s Milk

We all are quite aware of the truth that mother’s milk is one of the necessary brain foods. Various studies revealed that it has several utilities for your growing kids. It also averts various kinds of infections as well. The study shows that babies can be smarter as well as healthier because of mother’s milk.

Unstructured Play Time

In your kid’s life unstructured playtime has its own importance, which is also required for their development too. It will help them to grow up as a happy as well as healthy individual with good social & cognitive skills.


Sometimes this old & surely fruitful measure gets ignored, but it always carries a good start for your kids. From early age make reading a habit for them. Get them enrolled in your nearby library too. If you are able to engage them with good options for books then it will go a long way.

Praise The Effort

Your little one might be smart enough however you need to praise them for the effort they put in to get some success. Children who are complimented usually concentrate more on their learning process & also do not get scared of facing new challenges.

Good Breakfast

Proper development of your children’s brain requires well balanced nutrients like folic acid or vitamin A or glucose etc. Nonetheless kids who eat a healthy breakfast have discovered to have stronger attention quality along with good memory.

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