How to Improve your Kid’s Handwriting

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Like other activities & developmental tasks handwriting skills also need to improve for your kids. This is something, which can help your kid to communicate with the surrounding world. This is the way of their expression. Usual problem areas like pencil grasp, penmanship or even legibility all need to be taken care off well. Following are some options which can help your struggling kid to adopt the writing process.

Get a Good Grip

Get a Good Grip

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Before you start writing, you need to get a good grip of the writing tool. Usually small kids hold pencils or crayons with the help of their nearest fist. Before the bad habit gets in, encourage your kids to hold it correctly. Show your kid how they could get a good grip of writing tools by holding them. If you can rest your pen or pencil very close to the end of your thumb, then that would be great. It is the job of your thumb , index finger and middle finger to hold the pen in place.When your little one is having problems with regular tools, try to alternate the size if they feel comfortable with the new one. Keep an eraser handy so that they can remove their mistake & try it over and over again.

Use Lines as Your Guide

Use Lines as Your Guide

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Lined paper can also act as a viable solution.Make sure that you are utilizing the space well. Those letters which are in capitals need to be drawn out from the top line to the bottom line. These lines will help you to hold your writing straight, without downhill or uphill. Ruler could be a nice option when lines are not available, especially when you are writing a hording. It will help you to keep your letters direct.

Reduce Your Pace

It’s better to reduce your pace, while othersare having difficulties in understanding your writing. When you speed up, it will be problematic to control your beginning and ending point, which sometimes leads to more mistakes.Sometimes moving at a slower pace makes you a good problem solver.

Minimize the Pressure While Writing

When your kid is practicing writing you need to check the study table, irrespective of whether letters are leaving marks on the table or not.Try to relax your grip on your writing tool. Excessive grip can break your pencil point frequently& it can make your writing quite clumsy too.

Making Practice Interesting

making practice interesting

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there are several games available in the market, which require drawing a picture or writing something. Though it’s not a regular practice type, however this way also you can improve your kids writing skills. Whatever is the way to practice writing skills, when your kid is enjoying doing it then it will surely leave some good impacts on their minds.

Practice always improves your skills. You need to make it interesting. Offer your kid’s different types of colorful pencils, instead of asking them to copy letters all the time, ask them to trace different shapes, anagrams, word puzzles too, which they can use while formatting letters.

When these options are not helping you well don’t hesitate to ask for help from your teachers as well as from adults at your home. They can provide you some more cheerful & fun ideas for mastering this skill.

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