Points To Reflect Over Before Leaving Your Child Alone, All By Himself

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Parenting is similar to a long extensive endless journey, where one grows and matures with time, age, information and experience. As a parent, you are supposed to be his/hers constant companion, as your child crosses the hurdles of time and tide. You not only gain new insights into the prospect of his growth and development but also enhance your experience regarding the chiseled cuts of parenting. Well, it is good to be a constant guide and companion, but as parents, you are also supposed to provide him with space, freedom and standing time. Just think of the proposition of leaving your kids home alone. See, first and foremost, it is not practically possible to have him dragged everywhere.


Ultimately, sometimes or the other, you ought to leave him alone. Then, you must be wondering what the exact age threshold for exercising that choice is. Just go through the following points.

  • You need to have a straight talking time with your kids. Just try to ensure that he is grown up enough to understand the implication of being left alone. To go by the opinion of experts and psychologists, most children below the age of ten are not matured enough to be left alone.
  •  Nevertheless, you cannot accept the age as a standardized cut of age. That’s because the concepts such as age, development biological and emotional maturity vary from one to another. Realistically speaking, the concepts are case specific rather than generic.
  • Rather than banking on age threshold, it is important having a close conversation. You need to ascertain his level of comfort, whether he is at all comfortable to the idea of being left alone. His comfort zone ought to be prioritized over other miscellaneous issues.
  •  Dependability is another factor worth pondering over. As a parent, you ought to know if your child is responsible with his day to day chores. His commitment to following orders and assigned home tasks is another point of consideration. It is always easier leaving a disciplined child all by himself rather than one who is not.
  • There are children who are unnecessarily fearful about the idea, thus you need to consider that idea, as well. There is little or no point in adding to his emotional baggage of fear and insecurity. Situational safety of the place you live and the generic reliability of your neighborhood are the other leading factors of consideration.
  •   Before leaving him/her alone all to himself, it is important to consider the safety proposition of your household precinct, as well.
  • Last but not the least, certain states and regions are marked by the presence of legal guidelines. There are legal threshold guiding the age bar- the minimum limit wherein you can leave him all by himself.

But do remember most regions are not guided by such legal standards, so you ought to consider the circumstantial factors and other associated factors of maturity.

Image Credit: Parvinder Singh


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