How To Be Proud Parents of a Smart Kid

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When you ask a kid what smart means to him/her, you would get various responses like getting good scores in science and mathematics, can talk to everybody, high level of I.Q etc.  Childhood is the stage when the brain growth is really fast. This brain growth happens through its extensive use as well as through several experiences. The connections between the brain’s cells popularly known as synapses get enriched through various experiences like touch, taste, sound, smells etc. You can enhance your kid’s brain development by providing them with a variety of experiences as well as providing stimulants at an early stage.

Proud Parents of Smart Kid:

Proud Parents

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Apart from genetics, quality play time, well balanced food, safety from toxins can influence your kid’s intelligence. In the current scenario child development experts prefers to put more emphasis in providing a helping hand to kids so that they can realize their full capabilities instead of putting more effort in defining their I.Q level.

Interacting With Loved Ones:

Many studies have revealed that children who grow up in a loving environment ( for example getting hugs all the time, interacting with their parents or playing with parents etc.)develop into more intelligent individuals , than those children who do not receive love or don’t get opportunities to get close to their loved ones.

Development Language And Communication Skills:

develop communication

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Let your kid talk. You need to be a good listener when they are talking. Talk with them or you can even read books to them. It will help them to develop good language skills. If you start this reading process quite early, it might enhance their interest in reading & help them to become successful in school too.

The Role of Music:

Playing Music

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Music always plays an important role providing some relaxation into your life. Try to make it a significant part of your kid’s life. It can enhance your attention levels as well as motivate you quite a lot. Playing musical instruments have an immense significant impact on your kids. It can enhance the power of thinking proportionally and capability of spatial-temporal reasoning. This in turn will provide your kid a solid foundation for learning and practicing abstract mathematics. However you have to make sure you that they start quite young, irrespective of what the instrument is.

Playing Plays a Significant Role:

Playing Plays

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Kids can built the base for their emotional, social, intellectual & physical knowledge while playing, so always encourage them to play. While kids are playing together it helps them to share ideas, share their feelings, learning social skills etc. Playing is a good form of exercise too. It will help to boost up the blood flow to your kids brain & create new brain cells.

Proper Nourishment:

Proper food always plays an important role in your kid’s brain growth. You need to provide them their required nutrients, protein rich diet. It will enhance their thinking as well as attention capabilities. Try to provide them with lots of veggies, fruits & whole grain foods instead of high sugar content foods or processed foods.

Enhancing Through Hard Work:

Various researches have shown that intelligence is something that can be enhanced through hard work is definitely not fixed.

Creativity Needs to Be Nurtured:

creativity need to be nurished

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Kids by nature are creative. Sometimes some kids are little more creative than others. You need to catch that behavior early so that you can nurture it in a right way. Sometime exposing them to music or arts or literature can boost up their creativity.

Be a Good Role Model:

Kids learn a lot of stuff from adults. They love to imitate adults. When they notice you doing various creative things or reading books, listening to or creating music it will automatically get into their mind & they will try to do the same things they have noticed you doing.

Too Much Television is a No No:

Don’t allow your kids to spend too much time in front of the television. It will hamper their creativity, which is turn can leave an adverse effect on their brain growth. Instead of letting your kids watch TV encourage them to go out and play with their friends or read their favorite books etc.

Sometimes Getting Bored is Good:

getting bored

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Some experts say that sometimes it’s good to let your kids get bored. Don’t always force him to pack their daily schedule with lots of activities. Sometimes it pays to allow them to enjoy some “quite reflection” time too.

These are few options which you can opt for while raising your child. However it is not a good thing to pressurize them into growing up as smart kids. Excessive pressure can cause grave harm to your baby.

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