Some Elementary Tips on First-Aid, Which Should be known to Your Kids

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Why does your child know the basic of first-aid? Now a day, since from Grade 1, school books are emphasizing on the importance of first-aid. In simple term, first-aid is termed as an immediate help offered to an injured or a sick person and it is our duty to train our child about the basic of first-aid according to his age. Accident can happen anywhere, either you are at home or outside and knowing the importance of first-aid can save them from panic situation.

What is the importance of first-aid?

  • First, ‘to save lives’, you can’t keep on watching and howling if someone is lying injured before you.
  • Second, ‘to check the condition of the injured person so that it doesn’t get worse.’
  • Third, ‘to keep the injured person at ease till he gets proper medical help or medication’.
  • Fourth, being human it’s our moral responsibility to help others as we can’t see others in pain

Do tell your child some “Don’t”, such as –

  • Don’t play with sharp objects like scissors or knives unless there is an elder to keep an eye on her.
  • Don’t play with fire, firecrackers, matchsticks or any object which can catch fire.
  • Don’t play with electrical points and appliances.
  • Don’t run on roads, staircases, furniture etc.
  • Don’t take any medication in any case without elder’s permission.

What to do when someone got a cuts and scratches?

Cuts and wounds are very common in children, while playing it is very obvious but your kids should know these basics of first-aid for cuts and scratches.

  • First wash your hand, sanitized it before helping any injured person, if the cut is small, wash it with soap and plenty of water, clean with cotton, dry the wound and apply antiseptic and cover it with a bandage.
  • In case the cut is deep and bleeding heavily, clean the wound with soap, wash with enough of water and try your best to stop the bleeding, in case it doesn’t stop use tourniquet and take the patient immediately to the doctor, enough bleeding will cause more pain to the patient and open injury can invite infections through blood.

What to do with broken bones and sprains?

Sometimes kids play hard and irrationally which results in a bone fracture or sprain. We all know how painful a fracture could be, it must be shown to a doctor ASAP! But still few tips of first aid should be known to your child.

  • The fracture part should not be moved.
  • If the fracture is in hand, a sling of cloth can help to prevent the movement of hand.
  • If the fracture is in leg, try the best to give a support to the legs so that it can’t be moved.
  • Strapping a splint to the injured part can prevent further damage, but remember experiment with splint can only be done who is trained in bandaging.
  • Ice packs are helpful in case of sprains; it can help the swollen joints to calm down.
  • Make sure joint should not be moved until it heals properly, an elastic bandage wrapped around the joints can prevent further movement.

Fire burn, one of the most painful injury one could have, does the burns need the doctor ‘First’ or first-aid?

Burns become awful are caused by steam, firecrackers, boiling water or from some chemicals. Only minor fire burns can be treated at home, severe burns need proper medical treatment. Fire is not easy to handle kids, in case it is slight burn you can tell your child about these first-aid tips –

  • If a burn is minor it will only cause the redness of skin, the first thing which is needed here is to immediately wash the burnt area with enough of cold water for at least 10-15 minutes. If the patient is in pain, put a wet cloth over the burn.
  • If the burn resulted in blisters, dip the burnt area in cold water, try your best to save the blisters to break and in case the blisters break, wash them with soap and water, and cover it with a loose bandage.
  • In case of severe burn, not a single minute should be wasted, simply rush immediately to the hospital, one thing you can do meanwhile, give the patient enough of water to drink, this can relaxes the patient.
  • If a burn is with a chemical, immediately wash the affected area with plenty of cold running water, go to doctor for further medication.

Animal bites, nose bleed, do they too need first aid?

  • Yes, of course, you can’t let go it, do let know your kids that bites of animals such as dogs, monkeys and cats could be very dangerous. The saliva of these animals can cause diseases like rabies. Tell your child about the first-aid tips for it too.
  • Wash the bitten area with soap and enough water, till the saliva washes off. Go to the doctor immediately for further medication.
  • If it is a snake bite, first make sure injured person should not move, movement can cause the poison to spread in the body through blood.
  • Keep the bitten part of the body in a lower position than the heart, tie a cloth tightly just above the bite to slow down the blood flow towards the heart.
  • Immediately take the injured person to the hospital for medication or venom injection.

Not only kids even elder should be aware of these basics of first-aid. Minor accidents can happen with anyone anywhere, if you know the basics of first aid, you can help the injured person as well as yourself too. I hope, you are going to train your kids today only, isn’t?

Happy Training 🙂

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