Steps on Planning For Your Children’s Education


Education is the foundation on which a kid’s future is constructed. A sound foundation results in a solid structure, whereas a weak one may result in cracks and hence leads to a wobbly structure. Hence the planning for a child’s education is of utmost importance. Providing a sound education is the greatest and perhaps the only goal of every parent’s life. A proper financial homework needs to be done so that every expense can be accommodated like the best schools, the best colleges etc.

The process of shortlisting schools normally begins at a very early age right from preschool. Sometimes this can be a very tiring exercise, because of the obsession of a parent for finding the perfect school for his children. The trick is never to get overwhelmed. There are plenty of options and in due course a parent will discover the proper school for his child. Here are some great advices / suggestion put forward by parents who have gone through the same ordeal and have come out with flying colors.

Selecting a school:

  • Firstly, you need to prepare a wish list of your favorite schools. In this initial list, you don’t need to categorize schools, according to what you can afford or your location etc.
  • Now in the second step you need to look for those schools which are easily accessible from your locality and are not far from your home.
  • In this age of the internet, you will get various reviews about these schools, so go through them thoroughly.
  • Before admitting your kid in a particular school, don’t forget to visit the school at least once.

Arrange a game night for the family:

During weekends parents can arrange for a family game night, where the child can take part. Everyone needs to sit together & place the game in the center. To make it even more enjoyable some finger foods and refreshments can also be brought into the mix.The games need to be age appropriate and after some extensive research some games can be selected from the huge bouquet of games available in the market.

 Basic education begins at home:

  • The job of a parent does not end with finding the perfect school.Even though schools are responsible for providing the basic education for children , parents have a very important role in instilling self respect among their children. They should guide their children on how to tackle a negative environment , how to set goals for themselves, etc.
  • A parent needs to be the role model for their children. They need to be fair while setting rules , they need to be receptive to the views of their children.One can sit with his / her child , talk with them spend some quality time with them. Parents who have more than one kid needs to be careful so that they do not neglect one while trying to spend quality time with the other.
  • The basic fact remains that the more you spend on your child’s education , the better it will be. So the major task of a parent is to make a proper financial planning. There are lots of student savings plans floated by various banks.Parent can do their thorough research and invest in one.


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